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problem 1:

Illustrate the three (3) main Economic Systems?

problem 2:

How can knowledge on price, income and cross price elasticity of demand, be helpful to Government and a firm, respectively?

problem 3:

Many of the Eastern European countries who were previously centrally planned economies have placed greater emphasis on market forces. Discuss and describe the reasons behind such a trend.

problem 4:

Illustrate the main causes of the unemployment.

problem 5:

What do you understand by the terms which are given below?

i) Demand-pull inflation

ii) Cost-push inflation.

problem 6:

To what extent can fiscal and monetary policies be employed to deal with a high rate of the inflation?

problem 7:

According to you the Central Electricity Board in Mauritius operates in which kind of market structure? Justify your answer with the help appropriate instances.

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