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Attempt all the problems shown below:

problem 1: What are the various dimensions of customer loyalty?

problem 2: How do you think that the cost reductions are possible due to low rentals there by leading to lower prices?

problem 3: What are the main issues need to be managed in the in-store handling?

problem 4: Why do you think outsourcing has gained significance? Describe with some illustrations of outsourcing.

problem 5: Describe the relationship of balanced scorecard with the retail business, preferably with the help of a diagram.

problem 6: Who are the main beneficiaries of category management and why?

problem 7: Describe the organization structure usually used by single store owners.

problem 8: What is significant channel constraints retailer has to deal with? Describe each of them.

problem 9: What do you mean by the term visual communication? Describe its significant elements with the help of a suitable illustration.

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