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Answer all the given problems. Part A to be answered in around 500 words each and part B to be answered in around 300 words each.

Part A:

problem 1: What do you mean by the term paradigm? How does it lead to convergent thinking? Give an account of Kuhn’s philosophy of science in this concern.

problem 2: Differentiate between random and non-random sampling? How would you choose a suitable sampling method? Give practical illustrations in support of your answer.

Section B:

problem 3: How do you interpret the coefficients of a multiple regression model? What is the relevance of R-square and how is it distinct from adjusted R-square?

problem 4: What is an index number? Compile a chart of the kinds of consumer price index numbers showing – the agency who prepares it, index formula, target group, groups of items covered and the weights given.

problem 5: Describe the concept of qualitative research. What tools and methods would you use to collect primary data beneath qualitative research?

problem 6: List the data sources covering the industrial sector, financial markets and the education sector.

problem 7: Make a difference on any three of the given below:

a) Ampling and non-sampling errors.
b) Time-series and cross-sectional data.
c) Inductivism and Hypothetico-Deduction (H-D) model.
d) Census and Sample survey technique with two exs of each.

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