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Important information about describe the role of the Federal Reserve and how it controls the supply money through its monetary policy

How do the monetary policies of central banks around the world influence you? How do they influence a nation's economic goals of achieving full employment, controlling inflation, sustaining adequate growth, and achieving a stable balance-of-payments position? Explore the current monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and one other key central bank in the world, and discuss their effect on national economic goals, money supplies, and capital markets.

-describe how and why central banks around the world have set current monetary policy and their effects on you.
-Describe how current monetary policies of central banks may conflict with one another.
-Define the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve in the United States and what it does, and describe the tools available to the Fed to influence the nation's money supply. What elements of another central bank perform similar or the same functions, and what tools are available to it to influence its nation's money supply? Which of these tools have dominated recent actions by the Fed and your other chosen central bank?
-Define the Federal Reserve's open-market operations, and describe why they are important. How does another key central bank conduct such operations, and why are they important? What recent open-market operations have the Fed and another country's central bank taken?
-Describe the current structure of the Federal Reserve System and another central bank.
-describe what has happened to the U.S. money supply recently when the Federal Reserve bought and sold Treasury bonds. Describe in detail how this has affected U.S. banks' abilities to lend and the overall U.S. economy.
-describe what has happened to the U.S. money supply and economy recently when another central bank outside the United States has bought and sold U.S. Treasury bonds, and describe in detail how this affected U.S. and foreign banks' abilities to loan and the economy of the U.S. and the foreign country in which this central banks resides?
-What effect have recent actions of the Federal Reserve and another central bank had on the treasury departments of the U.S. and the other country's abilities to raise funds within the global financial system?
-In what way have the Federal Reserve and another central bank been part of recent ethical, economic, demographic, social, and technological forces that have reshaped financial institutions, financial markets, and the global financial system?


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