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Answer the following four problems using APA 6th edition format.

Answer the problems in 350-500 words and include charts and graphs as needed to help describe your position. Citation information within the body of the answer does not count on the word count as well as charts and tables. Be sure and have references as they are worth 15% of your examination grade. At least one outside reference in addition to the textbook is recommended receiving full credit. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.

Include the problem in the paper. The problem may be single-spaced. All references can be placed at the end of the examination; they are not required after each answer. An Abstract is not required for this paper, but a Title Page is, as well as a separate Reference Page.

Q1. How do managers supplement the NPV analysis of a project to gain a better understanding of a project?

Q2. Define the term economic value added (EVA).

Q3. Briefly, describe how a plant manager can improve EVA (economic value added)?

Q4. Define the term economic rate of return.

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