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problem 1:

African governments are gradually shifting to more transparent ICT regulations. However, but limited spectrum accessibility remains a key barrier to sustaining long term growth. Discuss and describe.

problem 2:

The mobile industry is the enabler of economic development far beyond its immediate domain. Illustrate out how mobile industry is having an increasingly important impact on society.

problem 3:

How can governments provide the mobile industry with long-term clarity and certainty it needs to make substantial capital investments in new networks?

problem 4:

Universal Access or Service regimes have a commendable agenda:  - To spread access to communications to all citizens.  This is a vision shared by governments, regulators and mobile industry across the world. However, some of the means employed to accomplish these goals are problemable. Discuss and describe.

problem 5:

With mobile telecommunications providing a significant engine for growth, continuing to stimulate growth and to ensure mobiles remain affordable for all, will require the need for transparent, unsurprising and consultative regulatory regimes. Discuss.

problem 6:

Governments and regulators can positively affect penetration by diminishing telecom-specific taxes which hamper mobile take-up, especially among those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid. Illustrate out how reducing ineffective taxation can drive penetration.

problem 7:

The net effect of number portability is indistinct, and might not be welfare enhancing. Discuss.

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