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This week we are working on

From the laboratory manual, human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual, fetal pig version, read:

Gross anatomy of muscular system

Skeletal muscle physiology: Computer simulation

Make two different problems you would like to have discussed through your classmates and post each problem separately to Discussion Area. The focus of each problem can be either of the following:

Fuzzy Concept problem: Post a problem regarding any topic that remains fuzzy or unclear in your own mind which you would like to have others assist you understands.

Challenge problem: Post a problem regarding any topic that is not fuzzy or unclear in your own mind but that you feel would be challenging to others.

Cite any sources in APA format.

Additional Requirements

Level of Detail: Show all work

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As required by gaap fasb asc 320 previously sfas no 115

As required by GAAP [FASB ASC 320, previously SFAS No. 115], Microsoft Corporation reports its investments available-for-sale at the fair value of the investment securities. The net unrealized holding gain is not reporte ...

Amanda autry and carley wilson are partners in a amp w gift

Amanda Autry and Carley Wilson are partners in A & W Gift Shop, which employs the individuals listed below. Paychecks are distributed every Friday to all employees. Based on the information given, compute the amounts lis ...

Smith has an adjusted gross income agi of 140000 without

Smith has an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $140,000 without taking into consideration $40,000 of losses from rental real estate activities. Smith actively participates in the rental real estate activities. What amount o ...

Van hatten consolidated has three operating divisions

Van Hatten Consolidated has three operating divisions: DeMent Publishing Division, Ankiel Securities Division, and Depp Advisory Division. Each division maintains its own accounting system. DeMent Publishing Division The ...

The following stockholdersrsquo equity accounts arranged

The following stockholders’ equity accounts, arranged alphabetically, are in the ledger of Eudaley Corporation at December 31, 2014. Common Stock ($5 stated value)                              $1,707,000 Paid-in Capital ...

Mauer company licenses customer-relationship software to

Mauer Company licenses customer-relationship software to Hedges Inc. for 3 years. In addition to providing the software, Mauer promises to provide consulting services over the life of the license to maintain operability ...

Should the 20 20-50 and over 50 levels of ownership be

Should the 20%, 20%-50%, and over 50% levels of ownership be applied without exception as to the appropriate accounting treatment for stock investments? In other words, what other factors are considered in the determinat ...

Colorado springs company csc is a wholesaler with fiscal

Colorado Springs Company (CSC) is a wholesaler with fiscal year ended December 31 of previous year. Since it is publicly-traded, it undergoes external audit. The most recent audit was completed in February of this year. ...

Turner inc began work on a 5810000 contract in 2014 to

Turner, Inc. began work on a $5,810,000 contract in 2014 to construct an office building. During 2014, Turner, Inc. incurred costs of $1,411,000, billed its customers for $996,000, and collected $796,800. At December 31, ...

Elaines original basis in the hornbeam partnership was

Elaine's original basis in the Hornbeam Partnership was $30,000. Her share of the taxable income from the partnership since she purchased the interest has been $90,000, and Elaine has received $80,000 in cash distributio ...

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