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problem 1:

How far can the Heckscher-Ohlin model of trade be executed in practice?

problem 2:

With the help of diagram, make a distinction between a tariff and a quota.

problem 3:

“Countries gain more by protecting their home markets than by opening them up”. Do you disagree or agree with this proclamation? Illustrate fully.

problem 4:

The Lomé Convention expired in year 2000 and was replaced by Cotonou Agreement. What similarities or differences can you draw between the Lomé Convention and the Cotonou Agreement?

problem 5:

ACP countries have currently started negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). describe the benefits and drawbacks that ACP countries could face by conclusion of EPAs.

problem 6:

describe why Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are applied.

problem 7:

Based upon an illustration of your own, discuss how the TRIPS agreement influence the fundamental rights of the individuals.

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