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Entrepreneurship and Capital Venturing:

problem 1: describe the Schumpeterian notion of creative destruction. How does it compare to the Kirzner’s view of entrepreneurial process?

problem 2: Non-profit organizations engage in advertising even although they usually don't, strictly speaking, sell goods or services.

problem 3: An article from The Economist entitled 'Do entrepreneurs actually require a business-school education'? states the given:

“Among the thousands of business schools now operating all around the world you would be hard-pressed to find out one that does not believe it can teach the skills of entrepreneurship. Though, of the people who instantly spring to mind when one thinks of entrepreneurs—Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey, for illustration—few have done more than deliver a speech at a business school. However, a recent study by King’s College in London has suggested what most of the intuitively suspect: that entrepreneurship might actually be in the blood—more to do with genes than classroom experience. All of which invites the problem—does an entrepreneur really require a business-school education?”

Can you comment on this view?

problem 4: Describe and describe monopoly theory in the Kirznerian view of entrepreneurial competition. How does this approach compare to the traditional understanding of monopoly? What implications the Kirznerian view of monopoly might have for policymaking?

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