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problem 1) Answer all the problems:

(i) prepare down the difference between vision and mission of a business.

(ii) describe the objectives of business environment?

(iii) What is cultural environment?

(iv) describe corporate social responsibility.

(v) Define the term fiscal policy?

problem 2) describe the scope of business environment.

problem 3) describe the significance of a good political environment in business growth.

problem 4) describe the impact of new industrial policy.

problem 5) Answer all the problems:

(i) What do you mean by economic environment?

(ii) What is monetary policy?

(iii) Describe agricultural policy.

(iv) What is privatisation process?

(v) What do you mean by planning process?

problem 6) describe the importance of EXIM policy in the development of a country.

problem 7) Describe the problems faced by small scale industries in your country.

problem 8) Describe the problem of poverty in India in detail.

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