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problem 1) Differentiate between industrially advanced and two categories of developing countries (DVCs).

problem 2) prepare down factors which characterize DVCs.

problem 3) describe the growth rates of IACs, middle-income DVCs, and low-income DVCs.

problem 4) Specify some human implications of poverty in the DVCs.

problem 5) Mention the two basic avenues for growth for a nation.

problem 6) describe the four main obstacles to growth in the DVCs.

problem 7) Demonstrate by diagram the vicious circle of poverty.

problem 8) Mention five features of positive role of government in development.

problem 9) Describe the problems of public sector involvement in development.

problem 10) describe three aspects of the role of advanced nations in development assistance.

problem 11) describe the extent of DVC debt, consequences, and possible solutions including debt forgiveness.

problem 12) List and describe nine policies for promoting economic growth in the DVCs.

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