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problem: One of our clients is a main homebuilder in the Midwest. This company believes that sales of their new homes are highly associated with business cycles in the overall US economy. What macroeconomic factors (like GDP) must the management of our client follow to forecast their sales? The firm has faced noteworthy challenges over the past two years and are hopeful things will get better. What would be some signs in the macro economy which might point out that our client’s sales might increase?

problem: The Federal Reserve adjusts short term interest rates based on their perceptions of the requirements in the economy. Please describe the ways the Federal Reserve can affect interest rates and the reasons why they adjust rates. How do you think the actions of the Federal Reserve might influence businesses and individuals?

problem: Some manufacturing and agricultural products generated in the Midwest are exported to overseas markets. The US consumers and businesses as well purchase many products produced outside the US. describe the economic justification for free trade policies. Do you think free trade helps manufacturing companies and farmers in Midwest?

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