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problem1) Prepare a business plan for the on-line company. It could be for a start-up company or an existing business. It must be a fictitious firm of some small business which has a bricks-and-mortar presence too. It must be a business plan for an electronic commerce initiative within a company.

problem2) How is e-business different from any other business?

problem3) Describe in brief the steps involved in payment through credit cards.

problem4)a) describe the architectural framework of E-Commerce.

b) Describe the difference between E-Commerce and E-Business with the help of suitable exs.


Case study:

CRAZ Automobiles has the excellent web site which provides detailed information about all its models. It has all the appropriate information such as technical specifications, prices in various states and cities, dealer location and contacts, and maintenance guide. Every day hundreds of users visit web site. This includes prospective customers and also existing customers.

Company keeps track of number of visitors and also encourages them to register on web site. Registration is free but less than 1% of the visitors actually register. As car purchase is generally not done online, Company has no way to find if the visitor to its web site actually visits its dealership also. Hence company has no data if their web site is attracting extra revenue for them.


a) What could the company do to provide more value to its registered users?

b) What extra features could be added to web site to ensure it results in more dealership visits?

c) What role do web metrics play in achieving maximum value from a web site?

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