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Brief explanation for Human Development Indicator (HDI).


The table shows the ranking of the first 53 countries according to the last calculation of the Human Development Indicator (HDI) (2004).

A. describe briefly what does the HDI measure.

B. Elucidate briefly what you think the way in which the HDI is constructed. (Briefly means no more than five lines of text. Excesses are severely penalised.)

C. Mexico has a much higher income per capita than Cuba, even after considering differences in the prices of the goods and services in Mexico and Cuba. However, Cuba ranks better according to HDI than Mexico. describe why this might be.

high muna development
Norway 0.965
iceland 0.96
australia 0.957
ireland 0.956
swedon 0.951
canada 0.95
japan 0.949
united states 0.948
Switzerland 0.947
netherlands 0.947
finland 0.947
luxembourg 0.945
belgium 0.945
austria 0.944
denmark 0.943
france 0.942
italy 0.94
united kindom 0.94
spain 0.938
new zeland 0.936
germany 0.932
hongkong, china 0.927
israel 0.927
greece 0.921
singapore 0.916
korea 0.912
slowenia 0.91
portugal 0.904
cyprus 0.903
czech republic 0.885
bardodoes 0.879
malta 0.875
kuwait 0.871
brunei darussalar 0.871
hungary 0.869
argentina 0.863
poland 0.862
chile 0.859
bahrain 0.859
estonia 0.858
lithuania 0.857
slovakia 0.856
uruguay 0.851
croatia 0.846
latvia 0.845
qatar 0.844
seychelles 0.842
costa rice 0.841
united arab emirates 0.839
cuba 0.826
saint kitts and nevis 0.825
bahamas 0.825
mexico 0.821



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