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problem1. NPV A project has an annual cash flows of $4,000 for the upcoming 10 years and then $10,500 each year for the following 10 years. The IRR of this 20 year project is 11.77%. When the firm's WACC is 11%, what is project's NPV?

problem2. Determine and Define Up To Three Concepts Associated With Making Capital Investment Decisions Such As Cash Flows Sunken Costs Opportunity Costs or Others.

problem3. The corner grocer has 7-year, 6 percent annual coupon bond outstanding with the $1,000 par value. The bond has the yield to maturity of 5.5 percent. Which one of the following statements is correct when the market yield suddenly rises to 6.5 percent?

problem4. Bonds have a face value of $1,000 and annual 9 percent coupon rate paid semi-annually. The bonds mature in 8 years. What current yield would be reported in Wall Street Journal when the bond’s yield to maturity is 7 percent?

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