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problem 1: Answer the given problems: (any 10)

a) Define Merit Goods.
b) What is public sector?
c) Define Public Expenditure.
d) What is zero-base budgeting?
e) Give any two principles of public debt management.
f) Define Regressive Tax.
g) What do you mean by discretionary fiscal policy?
h) Give any two functions of Finance Commission in your country.
i) Define Fiscal Policy.
j) What is program budgeting?
k) What do you mean by Economic stabilization?
l) Give two revenue sources of local bodies.
m) What do you mean by public debt?

problem 2: Answer the given problems (any two):

a) Describe the role of Government in Economy.

b) Describe the Wagner’s law of increasing state activity.

c) Describe balanced budget multiplier.

d) Differentiate between direct and indirect taxes.

problem 3: Answer the given problems in (any two):

a) What is Tradeoff between equity and efficiency in taxation?

b) Describe the types of public debt.

c) Differentiate between public and private goods.

d) Describe the interdependence of monetary and fiscal policy.

problem 4: Answer the given problems (any two):

a) Describe the theory of Optimal Taxation.

b) Describe the main objectives of fiscal policy in developing country.

c) Describe critically Wiseman-Peacock hypothesis of public expenditure.

d) State the recommendations of 11th Finance Commission.

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