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problem 1:

A famous multi-national company in the tourism sector wishes to have hotel in Mauritius and the company has approached you to help them in better understanding the local market. You have recommended that an environmental analysis be initially carried out for the said company.

List all the factors, which are to be covered in the environment analysis. Describe the specific issues, which might be analysed under each of the factors identified by giving appropriate exs.

problem 2:

Suggest to an entrepreneur, how he can use the following elements of promotional mix to communicate the launch of new product to his existing and potential customers:

(a) Advertising

(b) Personal selling

(c) Public relations

(d) Direct marketing 
problem 3:

(a) What do you understand by the term Product Life Cycle?

(b) Describe the stages involved in the Product Life Cycle concept and their relevance in marketing decision making. You might use any product or service as an instance to support your answer.

problem 4:

(a) Describe and discuss the differentiation between market segmentation, targeting and positioning process.

(b) Identify and describe four reasons for market segmentation.
problem 5:

“The marketing channel participants are vital partners in value delivery network.”

(a)  describe the expression ‘Marketing Channel’.

(b) Differentiate between exclusive, intensive and selective distribution strategy.

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