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problem 1: Describe the stages and various coordination mechanisms included in policy processes.

Discuss various factors which influenced the agenda setting in policy processes.

problem 2: Bring out the main concerns of public economics. Which type of public intervention is not still considered a part of the public economics and why?

problem 3: Elucidate the following:

i) Tiebout Model
ii) Social Welfare Function.
iii) Pareto efficient tax structure.

problem 4: Critically observe the statement that privatization can always decentralize economic power.

problem 5: Answer any two of the given in around 250 words each:

a)  Examine two principles of public debt management as stated by the Philip E Taylor.
b)  Briefly specify the new trends regarding the role of state?
c)  Evaluate Bowen and Black’s model for the identification of median voter preference.

problem 6: Differentiate between external debt and internal debt. What are the factors which a government must take care of so that the economy does not fall into a debt trap?

problem 7: Differentiate between:

a)  Positive externalities and Negative externalities
b)  Horizontal equity and Vertical equity
c)  Kaldor Compensation Criteria and Hicks Compensation Criteria

problem 8: Briefly summaries the alternative descriptions to the theory of International Trade? Critically examine the Strategic Theory of International Trade.

problem 9: Give rationale for Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) strategy. Discuss the significant policy issues comprised in implementing the ISI strategy.

problem 10: Discuss different instruments of trade protection? Differentiate between quotas and tariffs.

problem 11: Describe how under the WTO, differential treatment in reverse is different from the Special and Differential (S&D) treatment.

problem 12: Why is the Bretton Woods System considered as a variant of gold standard regime?

Describe the salient features of the Bretton Woods System.

problem 13: Elaborate on the growing significance of services in international trade. Examine the effects of inclusion of services in multilateral trade negotiations.

problem 14: prepare short notes on the given:

a) Monetary theory of balance of payments.
b) Special Drawing Rights.

problem 15: Poverty is endemic. Discuss this proposition with reference to particular groups of population in a country.

problem 16: State the Samuelson’s condition for optimal provision of a public good. Describe geometrically the determination of the optimal allocation of a private and public good.

problem 17: Describe the usefulness of environmental accounting. Give a critical assessment of its implementation in India.

problem 18: Critically observe the role of ‘Informal Regulations on Pollution’ in developing economies.

problem 19: Describe the concept of ‘Optimal Harvesting Age’ with an illustration.

problem 20: Differentiate between ‘physical capital’ and ‘human capital’. What are the factors that lead to rise in human capital?

problem 21: How do you measure the cost of health services? Discuss the impact of technological change on the cost of the health services.

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