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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) Describe the factors influencing risk-return relationship.

problem 2) Describe the security valuation under growth model.

problem 3) How is a fundamental analysis useful to a prospective investor?

problem 4) What are the significant elements of industry analysis?

problem 5) What is technical analysis? prepare down the basic assumptions of technical analysis.

problem 6) Describe the Dow theory. How can an inventor use the knowledge of this theory for his investment decision making?

problem 7) Describe the term call and put options with suitable ex.

problem 8) What do you mean by derivative? How would you differentiate between options and futures?

problem 9) What is portfolio management? Give a short explanation of different stages of port folio management.

problem 10) Describe the capital asset prising model as a tool to understanding the expected return on portfolio and industrial securities.

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