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problem 1) Recognize the industries and occupations with the highest percentage of union members.

problem 2) Recognize two factors which have led to decline of unionism.

problem 3) Name and describe the main clauses in the work agreement.

problem 4) describe /evaluate positive and negative views of union influence on efficiency and productivity.

problem 5) describe four kinds of labor market discrimination.

problem 6) Demonstrate graphically the cost of discrimination.

problem 7) Describe how the employer’s taste-for-discrimination is reflected in the value of “d,” the discrimination coefficient.

problem 8) prepare down two exs of statistical discrimination.

problem 9) Describe the crowding model of occupational discrimination.

problem 10) prepare down three main antidiscrimination laws and policies which involve direct government intervention.

problem 11) Contrast and assess the views of supporters and opponents of affirmative action.

problem 12) Demonstrate graphically predicted economic effects of migration, and then describe four complications related to this model.

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