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Answer all the given problems. Section A to be answered in around 500 words each and Section B to be answered in around 300 words.

Section A:

problem 1: A number of steps can decrease the severity, spread and size of the black economy in India.

Provide the future directives on the parallel economy and cite the practical obstacles faced on the manner to fight the black economy.

problem 2: In the wake of globalization, in order to protect the vulnerable groups, different policies of employment require to be followed. Comment on it.

Section B:

problem 3: Discuss the instruments of monetary policy and throw light on the major features of monetary policy from the late-1990’s onwards.

problem 4: In the light of the parameters for evaluating economic reforms, critically observe its impact on the Indian economy.

problem 5: Describe how Minimum support price (MSP), microfinance, easy access to credit and agricultural marketing help in addressing the issues in the agricultural sector?

problem 6: Policy-reform is an on-going process-discuss the statement by making suggestions for the foreign capital policy.

problem 7: Describe any three of the given below:

a) Portfolio Investment and Direct business investment.
b) Issues in union-state financial relations.
d) Poverty ratio and working poor.
e) Functions and Objectives of the WTO.
f) Difference between Member-Based Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations.

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