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problem 1)a) Comparative B/S of ABC Company are given below (Rs Lakhs):

Owners Equities & Liabilities                 2009                      2010
Share capital                                        50                         50
Reserves & Surplus                               60                         70
Long term debt                                     95                         80
Short term bank borrowings                   70                         80
Trade creditors                                      50                         60
Provisions                                              20                        15
Total                                                    345                      355
Net fixed assets                                     180                      190
Inventories                                             70                         60
Debtors                                                  60                         70
Cash                                                      20                          15
Other Current Assets                              15                            20
Total                                                    345                           355

Income statement of ABC company for the year 2010 is as given below (Rs.Lakhs):

Net sales                                             800
Cost of Goods sold:
Stocks                                               300
Wages & Salaries                                105
Other Mfg Expenses                            115                           520
Operating Expenses:                                                            150
Selling, Admn. Expenses                                                       130
Depreciation                                        20
Non-operating Surplus or (Deficit)                                          (50)
Interest                                                                                30
Tax                                                                                      20
Dividends                                                                              20
Retained earnings                                                                   10

Prepare funds flow statement on total resource basis   

b) Create the Du Pont chart of ABC Company for the year 2009 – 2010.

c) State and evaluate different liquidity ratios and leverage ratios for ABC Company.

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