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Wise Owls, an NFPO, start operations at the starting of 20X1 to give free tutoring and homework assistance, and also a nutrition program, to low-income immigrant children. The local school board has provided Wise Owls with the use of a wing of a school at a heavily discounted rate of $1,000 per month. Throughout 20X1, Wise Owls rented the wing for the full year and plans to continue to do so until it can construct its own building. Wise Owls is funded primarily by donations.

This year’s fundraiser was very successful and exceeded expectations. In addition to the net proceeds of $350,000 from the fundraising event, the other $50,000 was pledged by attendees, but most of such pledges have not yet been collected. They will probably be collected early next year. Of the $50,000 pledged, $10,000 was pledged for the purchase of land, and Wise Owls received it a few days after its year-end. Of the $350,000 raised, $40,000 was designated for the purchase of a tract of land on which the organization plans to erect a building for its programs.  Wise Owls still requires raising the other $10,000 before the land can be purchased. If everything goes according to plan, it will be capable to purchase the land for $60,000 in the first six months of 20X2.

Wise Owls is especially happy with its fundraiser as the government has committed to give matching funds, to a maximum of $250,000, of the net proceeds raised for operations. It received a letter from the government two weeks after year-end advising it that its application had been approved and that it can expect the grant in six weeks.

Wise Owls has had good support from the local community. Four grocery stores in the area provided donations totaling $25,000 of food for Wise Owls’ nutrition program. An office supply store provided $2,500 of school supplies and a card for $5,000 of photocopying services.

All of the people working at Wise Owls are volunteers except for the full-time director and the part-time volunteer coordinator. Throughout 20X1, the director was paid $70,000 and the coordinator was paid $26,000. $2,000 of the amount paid to the coordinator was an advance against her salary in January, 20X2. Normally, advances are not allowed; though, due to extenuating circumstances, the board allowed it.

Throughout 20X1, Wise Owls spent $53,000 on food, $10,000 on school supplies, and $90,000 on other operating expenses.

Wise Owls will buy 40 laptop computers in the next year for use in some of its programs. The director has negotiated a deal with a supplier to get the computers for $20,000. The computers must be delivered in a month, with payment due on delivery.


By using the deferral method, make a statement of revenues and expenses and a statement of changes in net assets for Wise Owls for 20X1.

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