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Task1. Find the effective annual rate (EAR) for a 14.7% APR with monthly compounding.

Task2. Assume you are going to get $ 15,000 per year for 9 years at the commencement of each year. Compute the present value of the cash flows if the proper interest rate is 11 percent.

Task3. Our client has the subsequent portfolio:

Company # of Shares

Dram     5000
Mon     25000
Call      27000
Esea    13000
Aig      10000

Using available resources, find out this portfolio's beta.

Once you have determined the portfolio beta, find out what adjustments should be made to achieve a portfolio beta of 1.25 maintaining the same number of aggregated shares in the portfolio. Also, your client wishes to keep all of these equities in their portfolio devoid of adding any new equities.

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