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problem1. A recent survey indicates that 1,731 people are barish on the market for every 1,000 that are bullies. What is the value of the market sentiment index based on this info?

a) 36
b) 43
c) 57
d) 63
e) 75

problem2. Faith placed an Oder to sell 7,500 shares of stock she currently owned. As soon as the order reached the trading floor, the shrews were immediately sold. Which type of order is it?

a) Limit
b) Day
c) Market
d) Short
e) Stop

problem3. Tricia has lost money on a particular stop for the past three yrs. thus, she believes the stock will have a high positive rate of return this year BC earnings a good return is log over due. this is

a) law of small numbers
b) Hours money effect
c) gambler fallacy
d) face consensus
f) regency bias

problem4. Which of the following facilitates international trade?

a) secured bond
b) treasury security
c) bankers acceptance
d) commercial paper
e) euro dollar loan

problem5. The process of purchasing newly issued shares form the issue and reselling to general public

a) Underwriting
b) Capitalizing
c) Securing
d) Brokering
e) Deploying

problem6. The one year interest rate is 4.80 percent and the two year is 5.13%. What is the one year interest rate one year from now? Assume the rates are effective annual rates

a) 5.02%
b) 5.23
c) 5.46
d) 5.51
e) 5.74

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