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problem1. Marquez Corp. Employed $2,000,000 in total assets previous year to make $5,000,000 in sales. Marquez's net profit margin was 4% and its debt ratio was 40%. What was the return on the equity?

a. 4.00%
b. 16.67%
c. 25$

problem2. When the cost of raw materials is raising, FIFO accounting

a. Yields higher ending inventory values than LIFO
b. Produces higher unit sales than using LIFO
c. Yields higher cost of goods sold than LIFO

problem3. A firm has beginning inventory of the 300 units at the rate of $11 each. Production throughout the period was 650 units at $12 each. If sales were 800 units, what is the value of ending inventory using LIFO?

a. 3250
c. 3300

problem4. Which one of the following statements is right? Answer

a. The APR is equivalent to EAR for a loan which charges interest monthly.
b. The EAR is always greater than APR.
c. The APR on a monthly loan is equivalent to (1 + monthly interest rate) 12 - 1.
d. The APR is the better measurement of the actual rate you are paying on a loan.
e. The EAR, rather than the APR, must be used to compare both investment and loan option

problem5. Which one of the following has the highest effectual annual rate? Answer

a. 6 percent compounded semi-annually
b. 6 percent compounded annually
c. 6 percent compounded monthly
d. 6 percent compounded quarterly
e. All the other answers have the same effective annual rate

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