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Probability is that branch of mathematics and statistics that deals with chances and likelihood of getting possible outcomes from a sample space. It basically means a chance of an event happening. It is a study of different distributions and events combined together and determining the chances of what outcome has what chance of occurring.

Some Important Notes for Probability

Probability is an important branch of mathematics and statistics. At the same time, used for computing and programming as well.

Probability is expressed in between 0 to 1, with 0 being a 0% chance and 1 being a 100% chance of any event occurring. It can also be expressed in terms of percentage.

A Sample Space means all the possible outcomes of an event or experiment. Sample Space is the basis in terms of which probability is calculated. Example: A coin being tossed, the sample space will include the events that can happen. In this case, the sample space will be Heads and Tails.

The different type of events that can occur are Dependant, independent (conditional) and mutually exclusive events. Each type of event has a different formula and steps for determining probability.

The different type of probability includes Classic Probability, Experimental Probability, Theoretical Probability and Subjective Probability.

There are different type of sampling as well done in Probability which includes Simple Random Sampling (SRS), Stratified Sampling, Cluster Sampling, Systematic Sampling and Multistage Sampling.

What are Difficulties Encountered in Probability Problems?

Probability problems are extremely complex and involve numerous elements. In order to solve probability problems, not only do you have to be good at learning formulas, you also need to have knowledge about other mathematical techniques like permutation and combination, algebra, geometry etc. Probability problems usually have long questions which require a lot of focus and memory power, making it extremely challenging for students to solve these Probability problems. To add to this, the numbers at times are big and maybe in decimals making it even tougher for students to solve these assignments.

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