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Thermal Engineering

Importance of Thermal Engineering in academic curriculum

Thermal Engineering is a branch of Mechanical Engineering which deals with controlling of heating and cooling processes in an open system and closed system using various equipments. It incorporates the science of Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer.

Let us discuss a few real time applications of Thermal Engineering happening in our day-to- day needs.

Can we imagine our home or car without Air Conditioning (AC) or Refrigerator It is highly inevitable nowadays. Agree?

Yes here comes the application of Thermal Engineering in Air Conditioning (AC) and Refrigerator. We need sophisticated knowledge and experience in Thermal Engineering in order to design compressor, condenser, evaporator etc. which are the main parts of AC and refrigerators.

Most of us are crazy over different bikes and cars and other automobiles available in the market. Have you ever thought how these bikes/cars run? Yes it's just because of the COMBUSTION ENGINES which utilizes heat energy to run these automobiles. In order to study and design a combustion engine, thorough understanding of principles of Thermal Engineering is needed.

Few topics related to Thermal Engineering

Here let us have a look at a few topics that are part of Thermal Engineering

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Internal/External Combustion Engines
  3. Refrigeration
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Steam Power Plants
  6. Hydro Power Plants
  7. Gas Power cycles
  8. Air compressors
  9. Steam Engines
  10. Heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Thermal Engineering Problems

The above mentioned topics are only a few that is a drop in the Ocean of Thermal Engineering. Since Thermal Engineering covers a vast area in Mechanical Engineering, we need a lot of attention towards it.

Most of the students will be studying various topics related to Thermal Engineering, but what they lack is application of Thermal Engineering in the outside world.

Students study theoretically but they lag in practical knowledge of Thermal Engineering. For example, we know what "compression ratio" in IC Engines is the ratio of total volume of the cylinder to the clearance volume in the cylinder.

But how many students know that if compression ratio is increased, break thermal efficiency of the engine increases and thereby power of engine increases? And if compression ratio can be increased, how much extent you can increase it? Quite a few can answer it.

Let's have a look at another problem under refrigeration.

Q) A Carnot refrigeration cycle consumes heat at 290 K and rejects heat at 310 K.

  • If the cycle is absorbing 1100 kJ/min at 290 K, how many kJ of work is required per second.
  • If the Carnot heat pump operates between the same temperatures as the above mentioned refrigeration cycle then what will be the coefficient of performance.

For a student to solve these kind of problems just theoretical knowledge is not sufficient but also needs a lot of application knowledge in refrigeration also needed.

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