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The right to privacy, Race, Crime, and Citizenship in American Law

Laws Related to Privacy, race, Crime and Citizenship in America

Lawyers in America have a hard time settling issues related to privacy, race, crime and citizenship. America is a vast country with several disparities and social discrimination. The current status of American justice cannot be understood without an understanding of the historical background of the country. American criminal justice includes several issues like race, ethnicity, citizenship, nationhood etc. The Constitutional law in America governs the intersection of religion and race and terrorism. The federal Constitution in America ensures the rights of people regarding matters of race, religion, privacy etc. Racial segregation in America affects the social life of people.

Privacy: Privacy rights are related to individual life. Law can restrict the right to privacy under certain circumstances.

Race: Racial profiling is a national problem in America, since long. Racial profiling is illegal and against the Constitution. It leads people to mistrust the credibility of law.

Crime: Criminal law in America specifies guidelines for safeguarding individuals form criminal activities. It also attempts to reduce the crime rate in America.

Citizenship: Children born in America naturally get the American citizenship. Children of diplomats and federal government authorities from other nations do not get American citizenship. Double citizenship is allowed in US but it is a complicated issue.

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