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Some important notes for T-tests

In social research, there are certain data which are collected and have to be found whether they are significantly different from one another. The T-test establishes the significant dissimilarities between two sets of data and brings out that they are not related to one another. If there is only one set of data drawn from a sample, the T-test done on that sample gives a single set of values and is called single T-test, while if the same sample is being used for comparing several criteria and different characteristics of the same sample is tested, there will be several T-tests performed on the same sample or population. Then, this type of T-test can be easily plotted in graphical form and is called T-sampling distribution.

What are difficulties encountered in T-tests problems?

Depending on the sample size, different types of T-tests exist, which should be known to the students prior to conducting any type of T-test. The degrees of freedom for T-distribution should be understood well and the students should be evident of the advantages of using it, as even small sample size is sufficient for performing the T-test. Using the values of T-tests, students should be able to calculate the probability of samples. One more concept which students should be aware of is that T-tests are usually performed on normal distribution samples, so skewed data cannot be handled by T-tests. Therefore, accurate knowledge on T-test applications and the way to calculate T-tests for data obtained from samples are very essential for students to gain proper comprehension of the T-test.

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In addition to providing support for assignments and homework, the tutors are also involved in live sessions based on Statistics, in particular deal with topics on T-tests, for both theoretical concepts and practical problems with sufficient example problems and solutions based on basic ideas. They divide the sessions into various sub-divisions, and initiate the students through a step-by-step understanding of the various T-tests and then taken them through the problems and methods of adapting T-tests, so that the students gain adequate knowledge on the subject and obtain information on the way to solve problems. The attitude of the tutors towards the students is such that show patience in handling even the tough students, take them into the sessions with much discussions and two-way communication that the students feel at ease and voice their opinions on the subject and the level of understanding of the sessions. This harmony established between the tutors and the students goes a long way in students welcoming the sessions of the tutors which tends to improve their concentration and imbibes them even into the nuances of the T-tests. The concern of the tutors towards scheduling the sessions is carried forward by the website, which takes care to schedule sessions based on the priority of the students, their ability to attend sessions after the school hours and their necessities in the form of exams or other aspects, like personal inabilities, and so on. There will be minimum coursework planned by the tutors for each subject, including Statistics and dedicated number of sessions will be allotted for T-tests.

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