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Importance of SPSS

S.P.S.S. is an acronym of Statistical Package for Social Sciences.  The package was developed by Norman H.Nic to be used by the social science researchers.  The original SPSS Manual (Nie, Bent, Hull 1970) is labeled as one of the "Sociology's most influential books" as it allows ordinary researchers to compute statistical analysis.  The latest current version of SPSS is available in the market under the official and legal brand name of IBM SPSS statistics." after its acquisition by IBM in 2009. Its co-running products under the same group category are used for survey authoring and development (IBM SPSS Modeler) and SPSS package is a simple Menu driven and easy to learn.

SPSS package finds applications in various fields beyond statistics. SPSS package can handle the quantitative data with ease.  Earlier, the researchers had to do manual statistical tests; SPSS package has all the statistical tests built-in it.  Researchers have not to any calculations by hand.  All outputs are displayed in the data output file after running statistical tests.

SPSS package is quite useful for data collection and data output.  A user can enter variable and quantitative data and save the file as data file.  Users can organize data in SPSS by assigning properties to different variables.  Data collected and entered into data sheet in SPSS can be created as output files from the data.  These data output files can be exported and used whenever the user is writing any report.

SPSS package helps a decision maker to make accurate and rational decision.  A decision maker can forecast demands and sales using SPSS on the basis of previous data demand and sales data to know the demand and sales of product.  SPSS package gives highest degree of accuracy hence the decision made by decision -maker will be accurate.

In the field of education, SPSS package has reduced the burden of lengthy and time consuming calculation on students.  It is quite interesting and useful software for the students of economics and statistics.  The students of these subjects can use this package to calculate mean and standard deviation, coefficient of correlation, filling of linear regression, fitting of linear and quadratic trend and calculation of t-statistics.

SPSS package is also quite useful in other fields.  Pharmacist and medical consultants, bio-scientists, can use it to test the effects of various medicines on various diseases.  A production manager can use it to check/test and control quality of products.

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