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Scaling of Scores and Rating Assignment Help - Scaling of Scores and Rating Homework Help From Statistics Tutors

Scaling of Scores and Ratings

Some Important Notes for Scaling Of Scores and Rating

In social research, the data collected usually involves more of the qualitative type rather than of the quantitative one. To quantify the qualitative data and assign some extent of acceptability and order, these scores or rating scales have been introduced in Statistics such that the data is presented in a scale ranging from the least likely to the most likely. There are two types of rating or scoring scales. In the first type, the least and the most valued scores form the extremes. In the second, there are two values allotted to each of the highest and the least types, so that both the values are termed agreeable. This Scaling of Scores and Rating is mainly used for comparison purposes, say, to compare two set of data and bring out which one is the most desirable one among the two. For the desirable criteria of the data, higher scores are allotted. Usually scores are single numerical, but a range of values could also be provided to quantify it in a better way.

What Are Difficulties Encountered In Scaling Of Scores And Ratings Problems?

Rater bias is one of the most important challenges of Scaling of Scores and Ratings. Those researchers who rate the qualitative data could bring in discrepancy based on their personal choices. Also people differ in their perception of things, which distracts the very purpose of quantification of data and analysis of the least and most favorable aspects in any arrangement. The criteria which may have acquired a higher rank order may come at a lower level because of even one person involved in the ranking not maintaining neutrality and exhibiting bias. These problems have to be deciphered by the students while learning the concepts and implementing them in practical situations.

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