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Random Variables

Some Important Notes for Random Variables

Random variable is a numeric variable whose outcome depends upon the random phenomena. The random variable is not random as its name suggests, but actually the procedure through which it is derived is depended on the random situations. It is also said that the random values tells the value of any possible outcome of a task which is performed or yet to be performed. The random variable is usually represented by the letter "X". The main feature of random variable is that it has a probability distribution and the value of the random variable and fall in any interval. The random variables can be of two types; discrete and continuous. The discrete random variables can take the countable number. The continuous random variable s can take the countless number of values in an interval.

Difficulties Encountered In Random Variables Problems?

Talking theoretically about the random variable is an easy task; anyone can understand the definition of random variable. However the problems of random variables are quite tough and the questions of random variables at times are complicated even more. The students are given the problems where they have to construct a probability histogram to graph the probability distribution of random variable. The students are also asked about the random variable in probability distribution and likewise problems. If the concepts of the students are not clear about the topic they will face problem in solving the problems.

Help With Random Variables Assignment - Homework

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