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Probability Distribution Assignment Help - Probability Distribution Homework Help From Statistics Tutors

Probability distributions - Normal, Binomial, Poisson, Hypergeometric

Probability Distribution an Overview

Probability Distribution is an important component of the Statistics subject where one assigns probabilities to various possible outcomes. It is a mathematical function, where one can understand the possibility of occurrence of an event based on various possible outcomes. These possible outcomes would be defined based on the experiment being conducted.

Say an experiment is being conducted for example two dice are being thrown. Every time it is flipped, one will obtain different sample of values. Let us define value here as the sum of the numbers obtained on the dice as a result of throwing them. As we obtain multiple values, probability distribution will tell us the probability of getting each value. What is more likely to be the outcome and what is less likely.

There are namely two types of probability distributions and these are discrete and continuous random variables. In case of a discrete random variable, the possible outcomes are from the discreet set of variables, if a fair dice is thrown, each of the six values 1 to 6 has the probability 1/6.

Discrete Probability Distributions Encompass

  • Binomial probability distribution
  • Hyper geometric probability distribution
  • Multinomial probability distribution
  • Negative binomial distribution
  • Poisson probability distribution

In certain cases, random variable can take on any value from a range of outcomes such as the set of all real numbers or an interval. These are the case of continuous probability distribution and it cannot be expressed in table form but in an equation format.

Any subject under statistics requires immense practise and is not easy for students to grasp. There is huge difference between understanding the theoretical aspects of this subject as those can be memorized but when it comes to actual implementation of the same on scenarios and case studies, a lot of students require additional assistance. Keeping in mind the nature of the subject, we assist students to master the following subjects under probability distribution. While these are the broader topics, our expertise encompasses the entire gamut of topics which fall under probability distribution.

  • Random Variables
  • Discrete Random Variables
  • Expected Value of a Discrete Random Variable
  • Binomial Random Variable
  • Continuous Random Variable
  • Finding Probabilities using Software
  • Finding Probabilities using a Standard Normal Table
  • Review of Finding the Proportion Under the Normal Curve

Given that this subject is practical in nature where theory does not hold much meaning unless students learn to implement it in real life scenarios we have designed the course such that each topic is broken down into theory and enough practise assignments to help you master the finer nuances. This will ultimately help our learners to master the subject and implement it when they are working in the corporate world. Our goal is to help you cross over bridge between classroom teaching and actual application of the knowledge in the corporate world.

Our panel of experts comprises Masters and Post Graduates in the field of Mathematic and Statistics from renowned universities across the globe. Needless to say they have long standing experience in the teaching space both online and offline and hence are able to impart their knowledge in a manner that a student requires.

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