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Linear Programming Problems Assignment Help - Linear Programming Problems Homework Help From Statistics Tutors

Linear Programming Problems

Linear Programming in easy words means taking various inequalities, which are usually expressed in terms of variables and obtaining the best possible solution out of those variables by relating it to the given information.

Some important notes for Linear Programming Problems

  1. Linear Programming is the best possible and simple way to solve a problem with enough information and find out the optimal results.
  2. Linear Programming is the most widely used method to solve problems in all fields of operations.
  3. In Linear Programming, a solution is either maximized or minimized
  4. Linear Programming is used very commonly to solve real world problems as well.
  5. A simple linear equation looks something like this- a1+a2x1+a3x2=0, where a1, a2, a3 are coefficients or fixed values and x1, x2 are variables and are the values which are needed to be found in order to obtain the solution.
  6. Linear Programming problems require determination of variables in order to solve it, if it is already not mentioned.
  7. Linear Programming problems usually have two variables. It can differ on the basis of the problem you are solving. 

What are difficulties encountered in Linear Programming Problems?

When it comes to solving Linear Programming Problems, there are numerous problems that come in the way of obtaining the correct solution. First of all, it becomes difficult to understand the whole problem. Students have confusion regarding the maximizing and minimizing questions because they are very confusing and get interchanged due to which the solution can come the complete opposite. Even after you do understand all the signs and the formulas of the maximizing and minimizing, it is different from normal equation solving and can get complicated due to the greater than and less than signs. When there are two variables, the solutions becomes long and complex resulting in the difficulty level increase and ultimately leads to having a tough time in finding the right answer for the problem. The steps involved in any linear programming problems are huge in number and a mistake in any of the step causes the whole solution to be wrong. There are usually higher chances of calculation errors.

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