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Graphical Displays Assignment Help - Graphical Displays Homework Help From Statistics Tutors

Graphical Displays

Graphical Displays show statistical calculations and results in a graphical way. A graph is a diagram which shows relationship among variables, each measured only one of the axes, x and y.

Some important notes in Graphical Displays

  • The main elements of the graphical displays are the variables measure along its axes, the x-axis and the y-axis. It shows the relationship between the two and hence, it is important to map each one correctly.
  • Graphical displays are used to show trends, relationships and comparisons between the variables. At times, graphical displays try to combine more than two variables to get the comparison and results.
  • In order to choose the type of graphical display to be used it is important to identify the purpose of the report and the nature of the variables.
  • Graphical Displays are better than tabular displays because of being so visual and easy to see the relationship and comparison between the variables.
  • The commonly used graphical displays are frequency distribution histogram, bar charts, line diagram, dot diagram, pie charts, etc.
  • In the graphical display, every piece of data is plotted and connected with lines to establish a flow of the data. It becomes extremely easy to spot trends and to find out the ups and downs in each piece of data
  • Deriving conclusion from graphs become easy as it is graphical and reduces the time to analyze each number as it done itself during the process of actually making a graph. The easiest to spot if the highest and lowest points without having to scan through an entire table of data.

What Are Difficulties Encountered In Graphical Displays Problems?

Graphical Displays sound like an easy and more logical way of putting forth data instead of the complicated tabular form. Unless you are expert in computing and otherwise, making accurate graphical displays can really be a challenging task. There are so many details that you need to take care of. You need to ensure that the x-axis and y-axis has been marked securely without any mismatch. If you interchange them, your graph can end up looking completely different and might lead to results which do not make any sense.

Analyzing a graphical display is easier than tables but still requires an eye for detail. Catching each point and knowing why there was change in that part of the series can be difficult. Also, when you are using graphical displays to solve open ended equations, the results can be subject to different interpretations and there can be a lot of contradictions to it.

Other than this, making a graph which looks good aesthetically is also important. If it looks to cramped and untidy, it takes much more time to arrive to any conclusion and comparison among the variables. It is important to choose the right type of graphical display. To do this, you need to know the purpose of using that display.

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