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Software Engineering

Importance of Software Engineering In Academic Curriculum:

 In a cost effective way how to develop high quality software, process, methodologies, techniques that are concerned with software engineering. How the technologies are emerged, what are best software practices and current methodologies; these are well defined by software engineering. Basically software engineering emphasizes on the team based software development circumstances. Software engineering is a discipline which is concerned with requirement engineering, software design and construction, software testing and maintenance. The study of software engineering can enhance the skills regarding software products. By including software engineering in the academic curriculum, the students can get opportunities to specialize on the above discussed keywords.

 It is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software. By using the concept of software engineering, we can reduce the complexity of software, reduce the cost, handle a big project, decrease the time, and also increase its affectivity and productivity. The need for software engineering can be realized for small developing software and also even for a big project. The software developers are the creative minds behind the computers and programs. They can develop an application by analyzing the requirements of users; can develop the system software used to run the devices and to control the networks. Hence its can be possible to make an efficient effective and optimize software with the help of this particular discipline. 


    When this subject is included in the academic curriculum, the major problem faced by student to interpreted the word "Engineering" correctly. Software Engineering means it's the application of engineering to software. While the word "application" is associated then it refers to the real-time known ledges about software. Thus it's become difficult for a student to realize the importance of software engineering due to his lack of practical knowledge in this area. To learn this subject it's more essential to identify the core problems during the development of software, then after he/she is capable of developing the educational strategy.


I) scaling problem:

                        The methods that are used for developing small systems generally do not scale up to large systems. Different set of methods are required for developing large system as compare to small developing projects. Informal methods can be used in small projects whereas in large projects formal methods are mandatorily used for development and management purpose.

                       So it's essential to change both direction means methods used for development and project management for the development should be formal.

II) Cost, schedule and quality:

                      Software development is largely labor-intensive and the cost of the computing systems is now quite low. Hence, the cost of software project is measured in terms of person-months; the cost is the total number of person-months spent in the project.

                    Any software product with such a requirement will also require that the cycle time for building it, needs to be small. Quality has three dimensions i.e. Product Operation
 Product Transition, Product Revision.

III) Consistency:                    

                    An organization involved in software development does not just want low cost and high quality for a project, but it wants these consistently.

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