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Social economy

Concepts Behind Social Economy

In the types of economic structures that exist, social economy is the third type of economy.

It includes and focuses on organizations such as cooperatives and not for profit organizations to make an economy a more socially structured.

It focuses on creating a balance between the two types of economics that exist, I.e. the private sector economy which focuses on maximum profit as its objective and public sector economy which only focuses on increasing public welfare and is concerned about equal distribution of resources.

Social economy believes that there has to a balance where the people get an opportunity to make Maximum profit and at the same time the economy should also focus on public welfare in order to create a sustainable economy where all the people working in that economy can have a good standard of living.

The social economy problems that the students are required to study can be difficult as it involves complex logic which should create a balance between both private sector economy practices and rules as well public sectors norms and theories.

Importance Of Social Economy In Academic Curriculum

The social economy has rules which are quite different from the rest of the types of economy in the world. There are procedures and economic systems which are quite different from the private and public sector economies.

Social economy is an important part of the economic system as it is the balance between the public and private sector. It makes sure that the people in the economy have a good living standard and well being and at the same ensures that the economy progresses by making good profits and have a capitalistic economy.

It is an alternative in choosing in extremely capital and profit focused economy and an extremely public welfare focused economy. Thus this method of economy is preferred over the world. However, major countries in the world like the USA still follow the capitalistic and private sector economy. Many big superpowers in the world like Russia prefer a social economy giving them a chance to maximize profits as well as increase the welfare of the public with their well being.

Difficulties Encountered And Faced By Students While Solving The Social Economy

The problems have to analyzed carefully and given due thought to arrive to a solution which not only makes sense but also solves the problem in such a way that there is profit maximization as well as public well being is kept in mind. Each factor requires a lot of arrangements to be done and deciding profit margins and prices by keeping all this in mind become slightly complicated.

The consumption and production are heavily guiding factors to establish welfare as they guide the pricing models in the economy which decide the savings for the economy which in turn channel into investments. Thus, the pricing needs to be set in such a way that the price that falls to the ultimate consumer is nominal.

It becomes difficult to analyze the problem and come up with a solution which is feasible and fulfills both the criteria. It requires an in depth knowledge of the subject matter and expertise.

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Few Important Topics Covered Under Social Economy

Social economy covers many macro and micro economics aspect of the public sector and the private sector. These covers topics of Budgets and Budgetary control, national income, demand and supply. It also guides the patterns of consumption and production for the economy. All these aspects are guiding principles to establish a social economy.

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