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Research Proposal

Introduction Of Research Proposal

A research proposal is considered to be a text that is in the summarised form and is written in a very concise manner for the work that we do in terms of research. It is in the form of a document that reflects the proposal that we bring forward for the research work that one carries out. It is written for the second party to go through it and grant some funds if possible. The main goal of writing a research proposal is to have the validation from the person to whom we are sharing our proposal with whether we are working in the right direction or not. It is written by scientists, academicians usually and gives us the complete process that one has used from the starting till the end. It is usually submitted as a part of thesis and dissertation. In short we are posing a question to ourselves that whether the problem is feasible or not? Whether the solution that is coming to our mind is practically achievable or not?

The depth of details would depend on the level on which we are submitting the proposal and the motto of writing should be from other person's point of view. One needs to understand that we write it so that we can convince the reader that we are undergoing a fruitful project. It does not matter which area are we actually working into, what is important is one should be able to answer all the questions like: What is there actually that we are trying to achieve? Why do we want to achieve it and how are we going to achieve it?

The readers should get convinced that the area into which we are working is really important and we you have made.

Few Important Points To Be Considered While Writing A Research Proposal

One should realise that research proposal is one of the most important document that defines the problem in a crisp manner. So there are few points that should be kept in mind while writing a proposal. If few questions are posed and answered in one's mind then the quality of the proposal becomes better. So the following questions should be answered:

  • What do you exactly what to do and achieve and how are you planning to do it?
  • What is the cost that you are going to pay and how much time would it take to get completed?
  • Why should some party sponsor for your project?
  • What value would your project add to the society?
  • What has already been achieved in your area?
  • How would you be evaluating the results?

When these questions would be answered we would actually get the clarity about our problem as well. Whether you need to write one page or more pages the rules for writing the proposal remain to be the same.

Few Basic Rules That One Should Follow To Write The Research Proposal:

  • Content Specifications: Be clear with the content that you write and keep a check on the vocabulary and spellings of the content. All the questions stated above should be answered clearly.
  • Style of writing: Presenting the information in a structured form is very important. Content should be properly formatted and few diagrams should also be there to support the text.
  • So considering the above two point's one can write an effective research proposal that may appear good to the reader.
  • Making revisions: The proposal should first be drafted as the first version and then we can come up with various revised version. So as we keep on revising the draft we actually keep on improvising the theme to finally come up with the final draft.

How To Write An Effective Research Proposal

Regardless of the fact that one is writing the proposal for any level it is important to include the following information in the text:

  • Title: The proposal should be given a proper title that gives us a fair idea about the text we are going to read further. It may not be a final title and hence can be changed a bit later on.
  • Abstract: This gives us a summary of the overall idea that our research proposal is trying to convey. It should not be written in a detailed manner as there would be no difference between abstract and introduction.
  • Context of the research: One should write broadly about the context of the research that he is considering. A comparison should also be reflected between the current trends and the problem that we have been showcasing.
  • Research Questions: The questions should be posed and answered clearly so that the clarity about the problem comes up and the documentation should become better.
  • Methodology: The process that one is following should be clearly framed in the form of a flow chart.
  • Conclusion: The final conclusion should also be laid in clear terms.
  • Bibliography: List of sources that have helped you do the literature survey are also important to be included.

Help With Writing Of Research Proposal Assignment And Homework

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