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Reaction Engineering

Help with Reaction Engineering Homework - Assignment

Importance of Reaction Engineering in Academic Curriculum:

Achieving a sustainable process, that allow us at present to fully meet our needs without impairing the ability of future generations to do so, is an important goal for current and future engineers. In   production of new materials, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals sustainable processes certainly require the most efficient use of raw materials and energy, preferably from renewable sources, and prevention of generation and release of toxic materials. Advancing the state of the art of chemical reaction engineering (CRE) is the key element needed for development of such environmentally friendly and sustainable chemical processes.

Reaction engineering, one of the important disciplines for a chemical engineer was started in early 1950s by the researchers of Shell Amsterdam research center and the University of Delft. The term chemical reaction engineering was first coined by J.C. Vlugter.

            To convert a raw material to the product it comprises of many phases amongst which reaction is one of the important steps. To deal with the economics of the process one should increase the production rate (rate of raw material conversion) which mainly involves the study of the complete kinetics of the reaction. In the modern chemical industry the main aim is to achieve high-quality products and to minimize the unwanted by-products for which selectivity in the reactor is important. Chemical reaction engineering mainly aims at studying and optimizing the chemical reactions for choosing a best reactor design. In a flow phenomena combined mass transfer, heat transfer and reaction kinetics are of primary importance. Knowledge regarding advantages and drawbacks of chemical reactor functioning and its properties is very essential for all chemical and biochemical processes. So every chemical engineer should have the knowledge of reaction engineering.

Difficulties faced by a student:

Many of the reaction engineering problems contain complex kinetics and reaction mechanisms. Building a reactor design is one of the important problem students are facing. There are many parameters that have to be taken into consideration while designing a reactor. One of the important parameter is volume of the reactor on which every other factor depends like cost, conversion, special requirement etc., Also students face problems in the area of adiabatic reactors for both exothermic and endothermic cases. Gas phase based problems are difficult in solving because it includes large calculations. Generally, students face problems in case of the design of kinetics of real reactors. 

Few of important topics under Reaction engineering:

This subject mainly deals with reactors and their kinetics. Some examples of problem-solving in reaction engineering include:

  • Reaction rate calculations
  • Volume of the reactor
  • Conversion calculations
  • Rate constant
  • Best performance of reactor
  • Recycle reactor
  • Autocatalytic reactions
  • Optimal conditions of the design
  • Series-parallel reactions calculations
  • Selectivity
  • RTD
  • Conversion in non-ideal reactors
  • Dead volume calculations
  • Compartment model
  • Dispersion Model
  • Tanks-in-series model
  • RTD based on pulse and step responses
  • Heterogeneous reactions
  • Time and time constant calculations
  • Temperature effects
  • Solid catalyzed reactions
  • Deactivating catalyst concepts
  • Effects of diffusion rate controlling and much more

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Reaction Engineering Homework Help - Assignment Help

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