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Overview About UNIX and LINUX

Linux and Unix are operating systemsand interact with the hardware like laptops, computers, mobile devices etc. Linux is present almost everywhere and its versatility makes it of key importance to IT professionals. It can be used on notebooks, desktops, laptops, handheld devices such as cellphone etc. In addition to being a multi user program, Linux offers the advantage of being freely available and multiple teams have been working in collaboration to enhance the capability of Linux operating system which means it will be there for years to come. It is available in multiple languages thus making it usable for customised language keyboards. Further being an open source program, Linux has enhanced security features. All in all it is inevitable for IT professionals to know and master Linux as it allows them greater flexibility to modify it to maximise their output.

Unix too is an original operating software developed by AT&T Bell Labs which facilitates multi-tasking, multi users for servers and laptops, however it is not free and the cost varies based on the vendor.

Given the widespread usage of Linux and Unix, it is imperative for most IT professionals, especially developers to specialise in the usage of these systems. While they are easy to use, one needs to have a good insight and practise into using them for their professional growth.

We provides the following in its course on Linux and Unix at a very affordable cost.

  • Introduction to Unix
  • The segment will introduce learners to Unix, how to administer and support it for your environment, manage data. It will also teach the learner to customise it for their environment and use filters and pipes for processing information
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Build a basic foundation with the knowledge and skills to administer and support a Linux Operating System. The learners will be able to learn to control permissions, process data, and perform administrative tasks based on the tasks they wish to carry out using Linux
  • Features & Benefits of both operating systems
  • Build Tools & Utilities on Unix and Linux and conduct processes
  • Flavours associated with Unix and Linux
  • Flavour of Unix and Linux refer to different operating systems which are based on the operating one and are restricted to propriety hardware. They usually differ in fundamental design, the hardware on which they run, commands and processes etc. Some of the proprietary flavours of Unix include AIX , BSD/OS ,HP-UX and Solaris etc.
  • Linux is also a flavour of Unix and what makes it unique is that it is an open source software. Thus each version of Linux comes with its different subsystems which are modified to meet the organisational goal.
  • Developing Applications on Linux and Unix
  • Shell Scripting and Shell Programming
  • Optimizing for Power efficiency

Our course is outlined in such a manner that learners get first-hand experience of real life situations and is ready to face uncertainties they may encounter as part of working on these operating systems. We impart theoretical knowledge backed by practical examples and assignments to bridge the gap between academic teaching and industry requirement.

Our mentors have the necessary qualifications to impart knowledge related to the complex programming languages. We also make sure that our panel of experts have the relevant industry experience. They are provided training in terms of delivering the content online as our aim is to impart in-depth knowledge in a very easy to understand manner.

We have a 24x7 online project development support where those who enrol for our courses can have their queries answered and problems solved with our panel of experts. We are fully aware that working on these operating systems requires lot of practice and expertise is built over a period of time, which is where our helpline plays a key role for learners who strive to excel in the same.

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Some of the qualities which make us different from others are

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UNIX and LINUX Programming Assignment Help

We fully understand that given the complexities involved in learning Linux and Unix and the significance it holds in one's professional progress, learners would require additional assistance with their assignments which are required to submit as part of their academic curriculums. We have a team in place to help you with your assignments so that you not only score better but also cultivate a thorough understanding of these operating systems.

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