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Help with Object Oriented Programming Assignment - Homework, Programming Help

Object Oriented Programming

Difficulties faced by student while solving Object Oriented Programming problems

Coding keeps the brain fit!!

As the world is making an entry into the digitised world of 0's and 1's, the students are expected to learn and apply their concepts as per the industry needs. Digitisation calls for the skills that can be utilised to map the real time manual concepts into the automated version over machine. One has to showcase the programming skills to a great extent when we wish to see the machine performing as fast as a human brain works.

When we bring the concepts of programming into the picture, the scenario would be incomplete if we do not mention about the Object Oriented Programming. It makes the problem solving really easy and is being widely used for software development in industries.

  • Beauty of the object oriented approach is that one can reuse the code. Once written, can be used several times in multiple programs.
  • Working of modules is always an efficient and easy approach when it comes to finding of bugs. OOPS holds a good rank in this feature as well.
  • Flexibility is another parameter that one usually looks for to handle the code easily. OOPS has a feature of Polymorphism that makes the program flexible.

Last but not the least Object oriented approach gives us a very effective way of problem solving by providing features like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation etc.

Keeping in view the importance of this approach we tried to make an observation about the problems and difficulties that the students come across while grasping the concepts of OOPS. It stands to be a difficult area not only for the students but many teachers also face difficulties to make the students learn the concepts. Many teachers shared their opinion that the students really get confused while learning the concepts like Classes, Constructors, Overloaded constructors, Friend functions etc. They feel stuck at the time of programming and become clueless when it comes to tie the data with the function.  Students do not find it easy when they have a show a drift from procedural programming to object oriented programming. Understanding of object oriented concepts makes a student devote a lot of time which proves to be a major challenge for him to arrange. The students usually lack confidence when it comes to application of the concepts even though they understand them to some extent theoretically. The students find it easy to grasp the concepts till the introductory level of programming but industry demands do not get aligned till the introductory level. So it creates a gap between the student's knowledge and what industry demands.

So we at www.mywordsolution.com stand with a clear motive to hold the hands of a student and help him to make the fit candidate as per the industry needs with respect to the concepts of OOPS.We believe that programming is all about learning the concepts and then practicing a lot to the extent that the concepts get imbibed into our brains. But the challenge lies in the fact that one should have an effective way to teach the concepts.

Who are we?

We stand in the market with a good reputation as the solution providers in the domain of Computer Science. We hold a good command over many programming languages but keeping in view the fact that engineering students these days are facing a lot of difficulties in catching the concepts of OOPS ,we provide a 24/7 support in their assignment work, project work, dissertation/thesis writing or solving case studies. We have a dedicated pool of trainers and expert instructors who hold an ample amount of experience from industries and even hold the certifications for the languages.

Why to opt for us?

  • Latest Models and trends: We have thoroughly researched on the latest industry trends and the models to solve the problems that the students encounter. The approach that we follow to solve the problem of the student lies very close to the industry models in turn helping the student to learn the latest approach. 
  • Topics we focus upon: We have made a deep observation into the topics that are being reflected as difficult ones from the student's perspective like Constructors, Polymorphism, Friend functions etc. We not only help the student to solve his problem but we also provide him the training to learn these concepts in a way that he can also implements them easily. 
  • Practical concepts: We throw a focus on the practical application of the object oriented concepts instead of just quoting examples theoretically. 
  • Highly qualified trainers: We have a highly qualified pool of coders and trainers who even prepare the material for the student to learn and practice the concepts. The material includes the assignments with coding problems, online quizzes with the bug finding questions, case studies, question banks comprising of questions from various firms that helps the student to make his analytical and programming skills strong. 

Our online programming trainers are available who help students instantly thereby discussing the problems with them. 

  • Efficient programs: We assure that the programs that we write are bug free and we even take care of the complexity of the code in terms of time and space. In short we produce the efficient code. 
  • Proper Documentation: We also pay a high attention in producing the proper documentation along with the code that we deliver so that a student doesn't face any problem in understanding the code. 
  • Testing of code: Believing in the fact that testing plays an important role when it comes to the code.So we even have a team of testers that are certified and they test the code written by our team of developers thereby removing all the bugs. 
  • 100% plagiarism free code: Our trainers and developers have been receiving a lot of appreciation for the plagiarism free code that they have been delivering to the clients. 
  • On time delivery: We never tend to miss the deadlines to deliver the work as we value the time and needs of our customers. 
  • Waterfall Model approach : We believe that the customer requirements may change from time to time so we keep our platform open for discussions and adapt to the changes that the customers asks for in the code. 

mywordsolution.com offers object oriented programming homework help, assignment help, object oriented programming solutions, and live assistance from professional programmers, and various assessments writings service and solutions. 

We wish all the best for your learning and we thank you for giving us a chance to code for you.

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