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Production and Operations Management- Solutions to POM problems, homework help and assignment writing services

Production and Operations Management

Various Courses offered in Production and Operations Management- USA, UK, Australia, Canada

It is a lucrative proposal to initiate courses in Production and Operations Management as it would find many takers.  In the USA, it is offered as both under graduate and post graduate courses in various business institutes as well as universities.  For example, it is offered in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Mellon University, both being famous for their course curriculum.  In the UK, several universities like the Plymouth University and the Business School of the New Castle University take the trend of initiating the course in both under and post graduate levels.  In Australia and Canada, a similar scenario is observed with higher demand exhibited as more universities and business schools vie with each other in starting this course. 

Importance of Production and Operations Management assessments in Academic Curriculum

For the success of any business venture, it should produce goods or provide services which are of high quality and standards.  The two criteria of quality and reliability are upheld through effective management of the production of essentials from raw materials procured under stringent quality control.  This concept is called Production and Operations Management, which ultimately determines the profit of an establishment through sales turnover.  In academic curriculum, students are concerned with the various aspects of management like, the types of management and the type will bring about good quality and improve the turnover of the company.  They should also be aware of the techniques involved in effective management. 

What are few difficulties encountered in Production and Operations Management

In practical situations, supervision is the most strenuous task involved in regulating the operations and management of a production unit.  For students, the knowledge of the various types and techniques of management leads to the confusion of deciding the best as each one has its own merits and demerits which limit the practical usage of the theoretical understanding.  They are also forced to accept the differing opinions on management principles of various authors and so cannot conclusively determine the method to follow in practice. 

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Production and Operations Management Homework - Assignment Writing Services

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