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Process Control Engineering

Help with Process Control Engineering Homework – Assignment 

What is Process Control Engineering?

Process Control Engineering is a branch of engineering field which deals with the system which monitors the environment of manufacturing and processes the electronically controlled set-points given by the instructors or user. All the manufacturing companies and factories rely on control system which maintain and process the production system.  With the help of this field, user can monitor and command the machines to operate in certain flow steps.

Importance of Process Control engineering stream in engineering

Process Control Engineering is a back bone of every production industry. It is not only to control the machines electronically but also plays a vital to maintain the quality of product by taking feedback through control system. Process control system is a combined form of two control systems: PLC (Programmable control system) and DCS (Distributed control system). Programmable control system is used to control the machines which work on discrete devices like switching, motor starters etc. whereas Distributed control system are central control system to operate and control the analog devices.

Job opportunities in Process Control Engineering

There are lots of opportunities in Process Control Engineering profession. The students who have passed out of Process Control Engineering can get good job in any production industry with attractive salary package. Student can make his career in manufacturing companies of packed food, electrical appliance, textiles, wire, mining, plastic mould, fabrication and SMD fabrication etc.

Problem faced by students of process control engineering stream

The course of Process Control Engineering is completely technical and a perfect blend of electronics, electrical and programming language concepts. As this is the amalgam of various concepts and principles which are applied in single system can cause a problematic condition for students to deal with. Every manufacturing process has its own control system process which is quite different in itself. Whenever students of Process Control Engineering gets assignment modules from their professor, the technical analysis of circuits and designing part always irritate them because of insufficient knowledge to handle the assignment requirement. 

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As discussed in above paragraph, the process control engineering problems are not quite simple to solve for a student. The problem comes wider in case student is week in math as well. Most of process control engineering problems are based on numeric and calculative and it needs theoretical knowledge as well as math work. Thus students are sometime facing trouble in submitting their classroom problem's solutions and they seek for advice online.

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