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Presentation or Speech

Presentation or speech

Technology has brought about a radical change in teaching-learning practices and a range of new sets of skills are introduced, one of them being presentation skills. Training in soft skills is given as much importance to training in hard skills. Brilliant scholars can very well manage the hard skills but they fail to make a mark in the business world if they lack presentation skills. Soft skills are a newly introduced set of skills and students pursuing various courses in higher education are required to give small presentation related to topics in their syllabus quite often. They may be individual or group presentations. In a Power Point presentation, the presenter flashes pre-prepared slides and comments on each slide, taking the topic forward partly through the slides and partly through speech. 

Important points to be considered while writing Presentation or Speech

  • Who are the audience? What is their age group? What are their expectations? What is their background?
  • What is the purpose of the presentation? Is it selling or marketing? Is it about explaining a concept or giving information?
  • How much time is allotted for the presentation? The number of slides to be prepared will depend upon the time. Some time must be reserved for questions and answers.
  • The hall/classroom/auditorium, the sound and light arrangement, LCD projector and screen.
  • The number of people who are going to attend.

Effective presentation and speech

Only an effective presentation and speech can have the desired impact upon the audience. The following factors help to make a presentation or speech effective.


  • Visibility of slides
  • Number of slides
  • Content accommodated on each slide
  • Numbers and bullets
  • Images and graphs
  • Colour schemes and design
  • Ordering of slides
  • Special effects


  • Loudness of voice and tone
  • Fluency
  • Appropriate words and language
  • Organization of content
  • Confidence level
  • Non-verbal cues

Help with presentation or speech

Considering the number of factors that have to be considered while preparing for a presentation or speech, it can be observed that it is not as simple as it may appear. Students have to spend a lot of time in finalizing the content, revising, checking the slides, finding suitable images, adjusting the order of the slides etc. Our platform for academic help offers complete support in making the task simple for students. We take care of the following:

  • Preparing attractive slides
  • Complementing them with accurate graphs/illustrations and pictures or images
  • Wonderful layout and design
  • Appropriate colour schemes
  • Logical arrangement of slides
  • Providing commentary for every slide
  • Attractive visual effects suited to the content, aims and objectives

Mywordsolution is a right choice for presentation or speech writing services 

We prepare presentation or speech and customize your speech/presentation according to your topic and requirement. Our writers are having a long experience in academic writing and they are liked all over the word for effective writing styles. The writers make your topic live with effective speech or presentation, this is not just writing an assignment but also it is an art that makes your expression effective in front of  your professors during academic studies and it can make a different in your overall score. We offer writing help with presentation whether it is technical field or management studies.  Our speech/presentation writing services are easy to use and cheap as per student's point of view.  

There are just few simple steps to get custom writing help online from academic writers

  • Post your topic or requirement for speech/presentation
  • Get quote and make payment
  • Work is allocated to speech/presentation writers
  • Sent to you after quality check
  • Revisions are allowed till end of your satisfaction

Why choose us?

For help with preparing presentation and speeches, we are the best choice because or experts have gained perfection in these areas. They are constantly engaged in the task, improving their output every minute. We deliver work in time and charge the most reasonable fees. We work entirely online, making the process simple and convenient for you.

Our presentations and speeches are sure to make you excel in your performance without doubt. So why thank twice?  Contact us immediately!!

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