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Importance of physics in Academic Curriculum

  • The growth of technology in recent years depends directly or indirectly depends on concept of physics.
  • For example, the compactness of electronic gadgets like iPad, tablet, laptop involves usage of semiconductor devices which is the concept in physics.
  • Physics is basic of all physical sciences. Even geology, medicine etc. physics is involved.
  • In medicine endoscopy, internal parts of the body like stomach, heart etc. are seen with the help of a cable called optical fibre which works by light principle total internal reflection. This is also a physics concept.
  • The future growth of mankind is related with physics in terms of technological growth.
  • Study of physics at school or college level will give not only knowledge of related concepts but also improves analytical and problem solving skills to a person.
  • So high school and universities should include physics topics even for management or finance branches as it improves analytical skills.

 Difficulties faced by a student while solving physics problems:

Generally an average student finds physics a very tough subject because of its problems.

The following are the common difficulties faced by a student while solving physics problems

  • Lack of fundamentals - suppose if a problem is given in kinematics to be solved, one should have knowledge on terminology like initial speed, displacement, acceleration due to gravity etc.
  • Physics formulae cannot be by hearted merely as we cannot apply formula directly.
  • Remembering concept to an average student makes him feel difficulty of the subject.
  • Lots of practise i.e., solving no. of problems only make them much familiar with the subject.
  • So one should analyse the problem instead of just reading it.
  • The other common problem is poor at mathematical skills.

To overcome the difficulty one should follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, read the question well. That understands the problem thoroughly.
  • And write all the known terms one by one. It is important to getting through the problem than just reading it.
  • There are only few problems where simply formula can be substituted. Inner look is different.
  • Just knowledge about the concept is not sufficient. if one can solve the problem, the concept is understood much better.
  • So, one should understand the problem instead of just reading it.

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 Physics is a branch of science which deals with matter, time energy etc. in physics again divided in to mechanics- classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

The other topics like optics, thermodynamics, waves and oscillations, mathematical physics which involves mathematical derivations, electronics, and electricity and magnetism Nuclear physics etc

Learning physics improves analytical and problem solving skills even in matters other than subjects

  • The uniqueness of physics is no topic is just theoretical. All the topics are theoretical analytical, problem solving, qualitative and quantitative.
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