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Operating System

Importance of Operating System

The operating systems are computer system software programs manages all hardware and software resources and provide common services for computer programs, all computer programs required operating systems to function. Operating systems also provides a basis for application programs and acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the computer hardware. It is amazing and varied the accomplishing tasks of operating systems. Operating systems of mainframe designed primarily to optimize utilization of hardware. The operating systems of personal computer support complex games, business applications, and everything in between. Operating systems for handheld computers designed to provide an environment, users can easily interface with the computer to execute programs. Some operating systems designed to be convenient others to be efficient and others some combination of these two.

The time sharing function of operating systems programs schedule tasks for efficient use of the computer system and allocations of microprocessor time, mass storages devices, printing devices and other resources. In this regard the use of operating systems in academic curriculum is very important and it may replace many individual computers by a faster system server and associated nodes and make the computer operation smooth, fast and very reliable. It also able to manages and monitors all the school operation from the single point.

Difficulties Faced by a Student While Solving Operating System Problems

Explicit definition of skills and attributes needed to develop or become capable problem solver. These skills and attributes come from both the affective and cognitive domains of educational objectives. The focus of study to identify specific difficulties student face while solving operating system problems and specific steps can take to overcome these difficulties. Slow operating system, start-up errors, unable to connect to the wireless network, operating system will not start and freezing computer etc. are the some common difficulties facing by the student in their routine operations from unwell-versed operating systems installations. The operating system is one of the toughest and interesting subject, but it needs more effort to solve the difficulties even more than effort it requires conceptual theory. The problems under operating systems are theoretical and numerical. Both problems are solvable if a student has right theory and conceptual knowledge. Every student has different level of understanding and many students are seeking help online in solutions to problems.  

Few Topics to Solve Operating System Problems

The computer operating system problems occurs when the computer operating system does not load correctly, here some possible reasons of computer operating systems problems.

Computer hard disk failures: Whatever windows operating system using computer error loading operating system problem often caused by computer hard disk failures. Whenever trying to boot the computer system, it needs to read the operating system information stored in the computer hard disk and set up the computer smoothly at last. However, when the hard disk damaged or the sections that hold much important operating system data filled with bad sectors or physically corrupted, the computer will not recognize the desired operating system information and make the computer operating system load unsuccessfully.

Computer hard disk master boot record information not right: The computer operating system loading during booting negatively affecting or stop by wrong hard disk master boot record information. However, once the hard disk master boot record information becomes incorrect the chances of error loading the computer operating system increases.

Computer operating system gets problems:  Hard disk problems may negatively impacts on loading of operating systems the problems comes from the computer operating system like some damaged boot files or configuration files of computer operating system may lead to computer error loading operating system.

Set computer hard disks incorrectly in multiple hard disks environment systems: Set the master drives out from slave drives whenever connected two or more hard disks on the same computer. It necessary to point out the primary hard disk used to store important operating system, applications from other extra drives to automatically recognize the drive with operating system and load the computer operating system.

Computer hard disk not partitioned: The improperly partitioned hard disk may affect the computer operating system loading.

Whatever be the operating system problems several methods available to remove computer problems and just choose them to fix everything according computer situations.

Check computer hard disk: Operating system problems caused by hard disk failures may solve by access the files inside and some unformatted drive error or the related inaccessible drive errors may stop data use. Open disk management and check for the error files. The file systems of internal hard disk not changed into raw, run CHKDSK scanning the hard disk to see whether it has got too many bad sectors or other physical damages, if satisfactory the result consider the hard disk in good condition.

Restore the master boot record information of your computer hard disk: When the master boot record information of computer hard disk shown incorrect the practical or workable way to remove operating system loading problem issues to restore the master boot record information back. Therefore the existing work immediately stops and search for right steps to restore the drive master boot record information. Since different versions of operating system often have different ways to restore the hard disk master boot record information, check the present windows version of computer at first and go read the related articles / threads to go on. And then reboot computer and checks operating system loading error occurs again.

Reinstall computer operating system: The damaged or lost computer operating system makes computer system loading improperly. Hence to restore the computer check the computer operating system files and folders some important or dispensable deleted or damaged system files. If the operating system files and folders damaged seriously reinstall the computer operating system could be good way to solve the problems, merely choose solutions based on the conditions.

Reset or correct the hard disk boot consequences: If found the computer hard disk boot consequence set incorrectly or not set the boot consequence for multiple hard disks, reset or correct the hard disk boot consequence. Set the hard disk with operating system loaded as the first one in the boot storage device list.

Restore computer to factory setting: When left no important data on the computer hard disk or other storage devices can restore the computer to the factory setting and checks computer functions as before. However, if severed important computer data not so advisable to immediately restore back factory setting. Extract the computer data and back up well on other computer, external drives or storage devices.

Contact computer repairing shops or agencies: Of course, if don’t want to do anything to messing everything up or get no satisfying results after trying all above mentioned solutions better contact the computer repairing shops or agencies to see whether error loading operating system possible to fixed or removed. Also ask some advices from subject experts or professional persons for help.

Nowadays many experts supporting teams and supporting software available in commercial market to solve operating system problems. Use of Disk Utility, FSCK, Run ChkDsk, regular checking for operating system updates, C: drive clearing may some space could boost operating system performance, avoid downloading programs, use of windows network diagnostics and check print queue etc. are some methods to solve operating system problems.

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