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National Economic Planning

It is a type of planning in which the nation takes the decision beforehand with a motive to make the country a developed one. It analyses and brings a change in the economic policies of the country to bring stability in the system. This subject aims to solve all the economic problems of a nation. Strategic planning is also a part of national economic planning. People these days are working to develop tools, methodologies and approaches to make the strategic analysis.

Importance of National Economic Planning in Academic Curriculum

The students are made to learn the techniques of developing different strategies and approaches to bring a change in the economy of the firm, organization or even a nation. The economic sector of both the private and public have been included in the curriculum. The course makes students aware of the strategic planning processes at different levels, different tools used to make the strategies, defining systematic business plans. Once the students gain insights about all these aspects, they become industry ready and find no difficulty in actually implementing all the processes in the firms when they start their career.

The projects and internships that the students undergo also includes a lot of case studies on national economic planning as these are the latest trends being used in the industries these days.

Why students seek advice in National Economic Planning

Students at times feel really tensed when they are given the problems on economic planning because it includes many calculations along with the analysis part. They do not have knowledge of tools existing in the market that can help them to solve the problem, so they get stuck up in the loop of problem. Models that exist in the domain for strategic analysis are also not very easy to understand. The problems mainly occur because of the fact that the students cannot identify the issues related to economic planning existing in the market. Strategy implementation is also among the difficult tasks of the students. So considering all the above mentioned problems to be the major challenges of the course, the students seek a lot of help in this area.

Difficulties encountered in National Economic Planning

As every subject has few topics that require experts to hold hands of a student, so is this domain. Few of the difficult topics of this area are: Strategic Planning, PESTLE Framework, Analysis of stakeholders, Corporate strategies, Macroeconomics, Forecasting, Resource auditing, strategic direction etc. With our team of experts these difficult topics also become very simple for the students as our team members help them understand the topics in a great depth clearing all the concepts thoroughly.

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