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Narrative Essay

Introduction Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is about writing a story related to personal experiences of the writer. A point of view is expressed through a story in the beginning of the essay and the writer goes onto supporting that point. It elucidates the story by sharing emotions, dialogues, verbs and modifiers as required. It could also be a narration of an event or on a book or any article where the writer is trying to make a point in a descriptive manner.

Few Important Points To Be Considered While Writing Narrative Essay

A good narrative essay would be one which paints a picture in the minds of the readers. The various elements of the story being told should have precise details of the plot , the characters involved, the backdrop against which it is being narrated and the final conclusion or the climax. The narrative easy provides the flexibility to write in any person and mostly it is written in first person as it is a narration about personal experiences. Sensory details form an important aspect of such essays as it has to build a deep emotional connect with the reader. Besides personal experiences, the source of the topic for narrative essay could be books, articles or any literature which have a point of view.

A narrative essay is usually descriptive in nature. It is not about merely stating facts, it is about going into its deeper meaning, inferring or learning from it. It is about connecting it to other things and drawing a meaning conclusion or solution to a problem from the story. It is about what insights one has developed and that needs to come across effectively while writing a narrative essay.

Steps In Creating A Narrative Essay


The first step in writing a narrative essay is the Introduction. Like any other essays the introduction should be able to catch the reader's attention and pursue them to read further. Depending on the topic selected it could contain the relevant facts, introduction to the characters against the backdrop, a quotation in some cases. The time and place of the story if it is relevant and more importantly how the writer is involved in the story. Finally it should have the thesis statement.

Body Paragraph

It usually is descriptive in nature and provides rationale and details of why the writer believes in a certain thing. It is usually divided in few paragraphs in a logical way or in the chronological order as required depending on the topic of the essay. It should describe various facets of the thesis statement and describe the details with great clarity.

The sequencing of the paragraphs should be such that it helps the reader come to a logical conclusion. Events and relevant information should be vividly portrayed.


Based on the topic of the essay the conclusion brings out what was learnt based on the story or how it impacted the writer or in some cases a stand point on what happened in the story, based on the description provided in the main body of the essay.

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