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Heat Transfer Assignment Help – Homework Help

Heat Transfer

Help with Heat transfer Problems Solutions - Homework Help

The importance of Heat Transfer in Academic Curriculum:

Many of the unit operations and the process involve heat transfer. For a chemical engineer, it is very essential to understand the energy based problems and its calculations and their efficiencies. This subject is included in every aspect of life starting from our body to the universe. So it is very crucial and important subject for a chemical engineer that has to be placed in academic curriculum.

As a chemical engineer, we can see heat transfer in every process that ensues around us starting from household cooking stove to hot sun. Heat transfer is nothing but the transfer of heat (thermal energy) between any two systems. This rate of heat transfer mainly depends on the temperature of the systems and the properties of the medium through which heat is transferred. Generally, the direction of heat transfer will be from a hot source to a cold sink. Conduction, convection and radiation are the three modes of heat transfer in which heat is transferred from one place to another.  This knowledge of heat transfer is widely applicable in many industrial areas such as paper, glass manufacturing, textile, polymer processing, food manufacturing...etc., For example in the case of the design of heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, evaporators heat transfer plays a pivotal role.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving heat transfer problems:

Generally, students face many glitches while solving heat transfer problems, especially in the design area. They will be confused what formula to apply and where. For problematic approach steady state problems are easy to solve and their calculations are also simple but coming to unsteady state problems it involves many partial differential equations which are not directly solvable and one should follow numerical approach. Coming to the design problems there will be a lot of design parameters that has to be taken into consideration, which mainly involves selection of area that depends on the diameter of the equipment. Students also face some problems in the area of radiation which involves radiation shields. There will be also difficulty while solving combined modes of heat transfer problems.

Few important problems and topics in Heat Transfer :

The three modes of heat transfer are conduction, convection, and radiation. Some examples of problem-solving in heat transfer include:

  • Amount of heat transferred through the system
  • Conduction mode of heat transfer
  • Thickness of insulation required for a system
  • Steady and unsteady state based problems
  • Lumped heat capacity model
  • Design based calculations of heat exchangers, condensers, boilers
  • Heat transfer coefficient calculations
  • Convection mode of heat transfer
  • Fouled heat transfer coefficient calculations
  • Area of the equipment required
  • LMTD calculations
  • Efficiency of the process
  • Radiation mode of heat transferred
  • View factors for radiation mode of heat transfer
  • Radiation shield based problems
  • Combined mode of heat transfer calculations
  • NTU method
  • Effectiveness calculations and much more

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Help with Homework and Assignment in Heat Transfer

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